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The FAST System™ builds on our patented process utilized by Schwab, Ameriprise, AIG, and other financial services companies to close over $10B in the new financial advisor-referred business.  It was originally developed from our own success in creating a vast network of financial advisors referring clients for liability management as a key part of their overall financial wealth development.  This system was used by our mortgage company to create a call center supporting over 26 full-time call center staff where we received referrals from over 600 financial advisors across 7 states.  Come profit from our experience.  It SYSTEM has two parts:  The FAST System™ and the FAST Strategy™.

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How to build a solid network of financial advisors referring steady leads over 12 months.


A long-term system of dripping a key strategy each month to your database to drive referrals.

The FAST System™ teaches you how to think differently and utilize what you've learned as a CLA™ to convert that knowledge into a high-quality and consistent return on your investment by teaching you how to work with financial advisors by building on your existing database and network of clients.  We'll show you how to build a database of advisors and then develop a high-trust relationship over 12 months that yields 2-4 new referrals a month ROI.

The FAST Strategy™ provides you with tools to 'make your own market' via turnkey campaigns for existing clients, realtors financial advisors, insurance agents, attorneys, estate planners, and accounting professionals, that stimulate new ideas that lead to new referrals.  Each month you'll receive a new complete strategy with:  Training, Overview, Case Study, Results, Marketing scripts, social media posts, explainer videos, and more

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