What are you really worth?


It’s a simple question, but how do you answer it?  Isn't the most important investment you make the one you make in yourself?  When you consider your 'to do' list, why not make a 'to be' list?  Do the people and ideas your surround yourself with – inspire a remarkable possibility? 

Borrow Smart University™ is about mastering the 1-on-1 conversation with a client or referral partner.  A conversation about what?  Ralph Waldo Emerson said there were only four conversations worth having in life - TIME - MONEY - FAMILY - PURPOSE.  Our primary conversation is about MONEY, more specifically the liabilities that we help our clients manage.  You could say that in many ways a conversation about MONEY dramatically impacts your TIME - FAMILY - PURPOSE. 

We believe that how you borrow may have a greater single impact on wealth creation than any other money activity you undertake.  If you can't manage cash and liabilities, the rest of the game is over.

It is hard to explain all that you'll receive; you could talk to any of our graduates - simply contact us if you'd like some names of people to speak with.  I recommend you watch the graduate videos and read the testimonials, OR take a leap of faith and apply now.   We guarantee it to be a transformational experience - you won't finish this course without a totally new perspective on your role as a mortgage lender.

What to Expect?

Whether you take the live event with an instructor, or the self-paced online curriculum - our approach is to first learn how to learn.  The material is designed to help you engage.  Many of our graduates say that of all the courses they've taken as a lender, this was the most practical - with so many ways to apply what they learned immediately.  You'll receive perspectives from all three sides of the balance sheet, and you'll yourself be part of the curriculum. 



- how to decimate your competitors any time a client asks about rates.

- how to deliver a compelling prospect introduction that gives you an unfair advantage.

- how to communicate to referral partners why you are their best choice.

- how to give a client education event that referral sources will pay you for.

- how to get Realtors to pay you to teach them in their office.


What you Receive?

A right to use the Certified Liability Advisor, or CLA designation and logo on your website.

An electronic and hard copy of the Borrow Smart Repay Smart book.

A license to our Borrow Smart Conversation PPT, and several other PPT courses you can teach as a CLA.

Access to all the materials presented in the class, over 300 pages.

A full set of 12 coaching courses and materials, a class within a class.

An appointment on our non-profit site as a Facilitator (upon graduation) www.niofe.org.

A graduation package that includes press kit, logos, and more.

A call (after graduation) with Todd Ballenger to discuss your next steps as a CLA.

Access to our coauthor program and Mentoring group.

A diploma suitable for framing.

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