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Why Become a Certified Liability Advisor

What are you really worth?


It’s a simple question, but how do you answer it?  Isn't the most important investment you make the one you make in yourself?  Jim Rohn shared that who you will be tomorrow is a combination of what you read (think about today) and whom you spend time with (model your future after).  Are the ideas and people around you now inspiring a remarkable new possibility for what you will look like in 12 months? 

You can master the 1-on-1 conversation with a client or referral partner in a way that maximizes your value to them.  Why?  Ralph Waldo Emerson said there were only four conversations worth having in life - TIME - MONEY - FAMILY - PURPOSE.  Our primary conversation starts around MONEY, more specifically the liabilities in the way of other financial goals.  As a liability advisor, your daily conversation about MONEY will more dramatically impact the TIME - FAMILY - PURPOSE areas of your life and the lives of those you serve.

We believe that how a consumer borrows has a greater impact on wealth creation than any other money activity they will undertake, and we'll prove that to you in the course.  If you can't manage cash and liabilities, the rest of the game (investing for wealth) never really starts.  You can impact that through the mortgage industry work you do.

It is hard to explain all that you'll receive; you can talk to any of our graduates - or contact us if you'd like some names of people to speak with after watching the testimonials.  This is a transformational experience - if you are open to a totally new perspective on your role as a leader & lender in our industry.


One lender shared:  "taking this course helped me figure out why I got my NMLS to begin with!"

What will you learn?

What to Expect?

A self-paced online curriculum - the material is designed to help you engage as you learn.  Many of our graduates say that of all the courses they've taken as a lender, this was the most practical - with so many ways to apply what they learned immediately in their own business & personal lives.  You'll receive perspectives from all three sides of the balance sheet, and you'll be a major part of the overall curriculum as you personally engage the questions. 


Some things you'll learn that will be most impactful:

- how to eliminate your competitors any time a client asks about rates.

- how managing liabilities is different from being a lender (mortgage planner).

- how real estate creates wealth and how you can educate realtors and advisors.

- how to deliver a compelling prospect introduction that gives you an unfair advantage.

- how to communicate to agents, accountants, and advisors why you are their best choice.

- how to manage your own cash flow and finances toward your own definition of financial freedom.

- how to better express the value of the services you provide to your clients.

- how to incorporate financial literacy and financial education into your practice.

- how to start a Financial Advisor Success Team for referrals.

Course 1 Sample Slides
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Course 2 Sample Slides
Course 3 Sample Slides

What else will you receive with this course?

  • A right to use the Certified Liability Advisor, or CLA certification and logo on your website.

  • An electronic copy of the Borrow Smart Repay Smart book.

  • A license to our Borrow Smart Conversation PPT, and several other PPT courses you can teach as a CLA.

  • Access to all the materials presented in the class, over 700 pages.

  • A variety of excel spreadsheets for investment properties, and presentations.

  • An appointment on our non-profit site as a Facilitator (upon graduation) at

  • Access to consumer leads from our Google Grant promotion.

  • A graduation package that includes a press kit, logos, and more.

  • A diploma that is suitable for framing.

  • A Social media promotion for promoting your designation.

  • Access to our SoundCloud account with audiobooks and more.

  • Access to our growing community of graduates and future learning opportunities.

  • Access to our private Facebook page with weekly resources to share on social media.

  • Access to our CALM™ and WIE™ Teaching Materials for consumers, advisors, and realtors.

  • Access to weekly coaching experiences for our students and graduates.

Download Our CLA Course Roadmap (click image)


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