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The Investment

You will profit from our experience!

  • The Place to Start

    The CLA Course, System and Coaching

    One Time Fee - a lifetime of learning - the Certified Liability Advisor designation and community
    • Immediate Access to Over 35 Hours of Content, and Materials
    • The Borrow Smart Repay Smart Book
    • The Audio Book and Podcast Series
    • Lifetime Access to our Ongoing Student Discussion Group
    • Lifetime Mastermind Monthly Coaching Group
    • Access to use our Non-Profit Social Media Education
    • >Graduation: Diploma, Press Release, Letter to Clients
    • >Graduation: Invitation to Join Faculty at
    • >Graduation: Marketing kit to clients, agents, advisors
    • >Graduation: CALM Financial Literacy ($299 value)
    • >Graduation: What is Enough ($299 value)
    • >Graduation: Customized 'Why Work with a CLA Ebook)
  • The FAST Course, System, and Coaching

    One Time Fee - A Patented System to Engage Financial Advisor Referrals (only $999 for CLA Graduates)
    • FAST Course (15 'step-by-step' hours of guided training)
    • (15) 1-hour Group Recorded Step-by-Step Coaching Calls
    • FAST Resources Manual, Presentation Guide, and all Materials
    • Monthly FAST LIVE Mastermind Coaching Calls
    • FAST Discussion Board with weekly engagement ideas
    • All Materials (scripts, emails, forms, articles)
    • Patented FAST Client (WOW) Client Care Model
    • Patented FAST Advisor Development MODEL | PROCESS
    • Advisor and Lender Best Practice Interviews
  • The Mentor HIVE Total Coaching Solution

    Every month
    Includes the CLA Course, the FAST Course, and guided step-by-step coaching (plus these benefits)
    • Weekly Mastermind Call to Integrate CLA/FAST/All Solutions
    • Full Access to All Discussion Groups and daily insights
    • Direct Support from Trevor, John and Todd on Key Questions
    • Priority leads from google adwords project
    • File share repository to access to over 500 files
    • 18 Turnkey Consumer, Realtor and Advisor Event Packages
    • The FAST Strategy Monthly Turnkey Marketing Solution
    • The Full Mentor HIVE Course (4 Modules)
    • The Full Mentor HIVE Continuum Course (18 Modules)

    Every month
    Provides unlimited client access to Savology / NIFE
    • Administrative Access
    • Unlimited Groups / Distribution Nodes
    • Personal Account Branding
  • 1:1 Coaching (Todd) 3 Max

    Every month
    Work directly with Todd for personal development (waitlist)
    • Full access to ALL available programs ($4,599 value)
    • License to additional private content and tools
    • Two group master minds each month
    • Two personal 1:1 coaching calls each month
    • Direct personal email support
    • Personally directed journey
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