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Lending Clarity and Confidence 

Connecting Lenders
and Financial Advisors
since 1993



Todd Ballenger

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Since 1994 I've worked with serious growth-oriented lenders who want to expand their financial knowledge and build a business that moves beyond traditional sources of Realtors, Builders, and existing client referrals.   I built a unique FAST System we patented that accelerated engagement with financial advisors - it assisted over $20B in financing through household names such as Ameriprise, Schwab, AIG, Merrill Lynch, and more.


How?  I'll teach you how to engage insurance agents, tax accountants, and financial advisors as their liability advisor.  Complete our proven training and education to earn you the Certified Liability Advisor™ (CLA) designation and with it,  access to our processes and education that will transform your existing business as we show you how to reposition what you do.


You'll find inspiring content, engaging experiences, and a fulfilling journey attending Borrow Smart University™.

 Don't worry, there's no risk. We offer free trip insurance.


To start your FAST journey:



The FAST System

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We helped close over $3B in loan closings for a single financial advisory firm using our

FAST System and built a mortgage company that closed over $2B in retail loans working with accountants, insurance agents, and financial advisors.  We can help you profit from our experience.  Complete your CLA then monetize it directly...

The FAST System includes training, live coaching and turn-key content.

FAST Course:


  • How different advisors make money, and which groups to approach first, including the best companies to target.

  • 9 Reasons why advisors won’t work with you, and the 1 reason they will.

  • How to build your list of suspects, prospects, and a system you’ll follow step-by-step to move advisors toward steady referrals.

  • How to secure advisor meetings by using your current client database.

  • What to expect from each type of referral partner.

  • What it takes to build a 10/15-loan-per-month referral business over 12 months.

  • How to interview the advisor using our DNA interview process.

  • How to leave every advisor impressed by you and your knowledge of their industry.

  • How to utilize your “Liabilities Under Management” process to 'wow' potential partners.

  • How to integrate your solutions to advisors and their annual KYC (Know Your Client) mandates.

  • The communication process you need to work with advisors before the first referral.

  • How to communicate after referrals to win more immediate business.

  • Strategies and content to engage advisors in longer-term conversations.

  • Step-by-step on how our FAST Advisory Team process works at each stage of the loan process.

  • Liability management strategies to engage clients in a way that solves problems for advisors.

FAST Strategy: 

  • FAST Strategies – turn-key marketing you can send to advisors each month that generates a steady stream of new conversations.

  • Use them to teach financial advisor, realtor and other CE Classes - by teaching your experience through specific strategies that lead to new business opportunities.

  • One new FAST Strategy is released each month with specific live training on the last Friday of each month to prepare you to go to market.


The FAST System™

We offer a simple 3-Step journey.

        Step 1 Start the FAST Course Now...

Step 2 - Watch each coaching lesson and follow the guided activities. 

Step 3 - Attend live coaching sessions and learn from others on the same journey as you deploy turn-key content to advisors you are adding to your database.

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