Trevor Hammond | Teaching Style:

I teach live events only, as a producer and branch manager I want the events to come alive for each student.  Most events will be over 3 days - Tuesday - Thursday from 10am to 2:30pm.  I understand the needs of a producer, and while this education is important, the ability to check in to the office first, and return to the office at the end of the day allows the certification work to support (and not interfere) with your daily responsibilities.  In some case remote events will follow a 1.5 days format.

Recent Graduates

Chris Schwab:

“This was a 10 out of 10!  The BSU strategies and training are part of a conversation that I cannot imagine many lenders are having with their clients and partners.”

“This training has already helped me win business easier by immediately having different conversations with financial advisors that puts us in a position of power.”

“Imagine the best Tuesday Mastermind session at Macadam…now multiply that by 100.” 

“The CLA is a deep dive into advanced strategies and conversations that give us the opportunity to change people’s lives.”

“Having the ability to illustrate for a client exactly why putting an extra $40,000 down on their new home may not be the most fiscally responsible decision and showing the numbers that support your opinion gives you credibility that the Rocket Mortgage types will never have. It’s an opportunity to earn trust from your clients and partners that you really are looking out for their financial well-being.”

“It would actually be harder NOT to 10x my investment of time and money.  As long as you actually use the tools we were given, it’s a no brainer!”

Dan Summerfeldt:

"Definitely a 10 out of 10.  Having been a small business owner and a Registered Representative (Financial Consultant) in previous careers, the information in the Borrower Smart University coursework expanded my knowledge and gave me a deeper understanding of how to really help my clients be fully informed as they make decisions on how to move forward toward their financial futures."

"My biggest take-aways were the 7 Concepts & 7 Steps, and how to set myself apart from other lenders."

"I've already applied the 7 steps (to help a client decide to apply).  When I use this more often, I expect my conversion rate to increase."

"This training will definitely win me more business from clients and referral partners once I have the opportunity to meet with them.  Developing my Audio Logo will help me build more intrigue for prospective partners to invest the time to meet with me and learn our powerful process." 

"The more I use it what I learned in Borrow Smart University, the more value I see in it.  Prior to taking the course, I'd have balked at the price.  After taking it, I see the value..."

"I'd be stunned if I didn't 20x my return on investment."

Marc Powarczuk:

“Absolutely a 10 out of 10.  This knowledge will definitely have a positive impact on my business moving forward.”

“My absolute biggest take-aways were 1: learning the 7-steps to Borrowing Smart and understanding how to apply them to my business presentations to win more business, and 2: Understanding EPR™ along with how to help my clients identify and avoid the hidden costs of a transaction.”

“The number one thing I will be applying immediately to my business is the 7-step borrow smart conversation.  This entirely unique approach will absolutely help me add more referral partners, and not just Realtors anymore, but especially financial advisors and CPA’s.”

“Any loan officer who wants a better approach to adding new business referral partners absolutely must take this course!  The 7 steps and the Borrow Smart tools provide a wealth of new knowledge that gives me something fresh and different that nobody else out there is doing to win business.”