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The premier training program for loan officers seeking to increase referrals by growing their financial knowledge, experience, and credibility with clients, insurance agents, tax accountants, and financial advisors. Come L'earn' with us.

$1,499 - Online

*minimum 2 years experience 
Life-Changing Education
Certified Liability Advisor 

Borrow Smart University™ graduates obtain the Certified Liability Advisor designation after completing over 24 hours of personally and professionally rewarding education.  Ongoing live coaching helps you integrate what you learn into your practice to maximize your investment in yourself.  Key concepts reveal how Safety, Liquidity, Return, EPR™, Taxes, Leverage, and Diversification strategies can work together to increase the wealth of your borrower.  You'll learn how to use a 7-Step process to solve for the right:  Products, Payment, Availability, Amount, Management, Protection, and Discipline.  You'll learn how to accomplish client goals in totally new ways - as you master the 3-sided balance sheet.  Ultimately you won't only differentiate yourself from your competitors, but you'll learn how to play a totally new game.


You'll learn how to have the Borrow Smart Client Conversation™, to show your value in a new way.  You'll learn ways to quickly analyze client liabilities and solve for unique borrowing strategies, tax ramifications of buying, selling, and refinancing residential real estate, and much more.  As a CLA™ graduate, you receive content, training, and new concepts that create an unfair advantage in the markets you compete.  You'll learn specifically how to better manage your own personal finances using our unique PIN/FIN™ system of building wealth.  You'll receive our patented 12-Month FAST System - the Financial Advisory Success Team.  Follow our system to build an incremental 5-10 referrals a month from 3 specific partners:  insurance agents, tax accountants, and financial advisors.


When you move from selling products, to solving problems, you open new doors to dramatically expand your network of influence.  Borrow Smart University™ provides you wiht tools to leverage your time and experience in a new process process of building referral sources that you never imagined possible.  

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We have organized the material into a series of 3 courses, each containing 8 working sessions with downloadable handouts and reference materials that span 720+ pages of content.  The typical sessions is about an hour and you can stop and start at any time on any mobile device and we'll save your place.  Set your own pace.  We've had students complete in as little as two weeks, while most pace themselves at 2-4 hours per week to complete the program in four to six weeks.  Additionally - many approach the program by working in branches, using accountability partners to practice the exercises, scripts, and sales ideas.  Additionally, you'll become part of our CLA™ Facebook group to access private materials, ongoing best practices, and weekly coaching calls with other students learning the materials.  There are no bad students, only bad teachers - come profit from our experience.

Finally, an enormous benefit of earning your CLA™ - you'll become eligible to be a member of the National Institute of Financial Education -, a 501(c)3 non-profit and Google Grant Recipient.  NIFE connects consumers with liability advisors across the United States.  NIFE supports corporations, local businesses, high schools, colleges, and other non-profits.

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While no single conversation is guaranteed to change the trajectory of a career, a company, a relationship, or a life,

any single conversation can.”

– Fierce Conversations: by Susan Scott

Competitive pressures can make referrals harder to find, more difficult to keep, and less profitable when they stay.  We built a proven platform that distinguishes you and your services based on the value of the advice you provide - not the price that you charge.  Our course is that 'single conversation' that has time and again changed the trajectory of a loan officer's career.

The unique approach we teach was used to build a $2B mortgage corporation focused on working almost exclusively with financial advisors, insurance agents, and accountants.  You'll learn how to build a stream of purchase and refinance referrals from these three groups of advisors as you become a Certified Liability Advisor.

We 100% guarantee that you will not be the same person that begins these classes. If you complete the entire course and don't believe you have truly discovered an edge that differentiates you from your competition, we'll refund your tuition.

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Graduate Testimonials

Jake Jacobson, CLA

"The BSU was a unique experience for me, as we had attendees from both sides of the balance sheet. Although the course work was intensive, there was time for each attendee to share thoughts and ideas that were working for them. We learned a lot from each other."






Chris Schwab:

“This was a 10 out of 10!  The BSU strategies and training are part of a conversation that I cannot imagine many lenders are having with their clients and partners.”

“This training has already helped me win business easier by immediately having different conversations with financial advisors that puts us in a position of power.”

“Imagine the best Tuesday Mastermind session at Macadam…now multiply that by 100.” 

“The CLA is a deep dive into advanced strategies and conversations that give us the opportunity to change people’s lives.”

“Having the ability to illustrate for a client exactly why putting an extra $40,000 down on their new home may not be the most fiscally responsible decision and showing the numbers that support your opinion gives you credibility that the Rocket Mortgage types will never have. It’s an opportunity to earn trust from your clients and partners that you really are looking out for their financial well-being.”

“It would actually be harder NOT to 10x my investment of time and money.  As long as you actually use the tools we were given, it’s a no brainer!”

Dan Summerfeldt:

"Definitely a 10 out of 10.  Having been a small business owner and a Registered Representative (Financial Consultant) in previous careers, the information in the Borrower Smart University coursework expanded my knowledge and gave me a deeper understanding of how to really help my clients be fully informed as they make decisions on how to move forward toward their financial futures."

"My biggest take-aways were the 7 Concepts & 7 Steps, and how to set myself apart from other lenders."

"I've already applied the 7 steps (to help a client decide to apply).  When I use this more often, I expect my conversion rate to increase."

"This training will definitely win me more business from clients and referral partners once I have the opportunity to meet with them.  Developing my Audio Logo will help me build more intrigue for prospective partners to invest the time to meet with me and learn our powerful process." 

"The more I use it what I learned in Borrow Smart University, the more value I see in it.  Prior to taking the course, I'd have balked at the price.  After taking it, I see the value..."

"I'd be stunned if I didn't 20x my return on investment."

Marc Powarczuk:

“Absolutely a 10 out of 10.  This knowledge will definitely have a positive impact on my business moving forward.”

“My absolute biggest take-aways were 1: learning the 7-steps to Borrowing Smart and understanding how to apply them to my business presentations to win more business, and 2: Understanding EPR™ along with how to help my clients identify and avoid the hidden costs of a transaction.”

“The number one thing I will be applying immediately to my business is the 7-step borrow smart conversation.  This entirely unique approach will absolutely help me add more referral partners, and not just Realtors anymore, but especially financial advisors and CPA’s.”

“Any loan officer who wants a better approach to adding new business referral partners absolutely must take this course!  The 7 steps and the Borrow Smart tools provide a wealth of new knowledge that gives me something fresh and different that nobody else out there is doing to win business.”