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The premier training program for loan officers seeking to increase their financial knowledge, experience, and credibility with clients, insurance agents, tax accountants, and financial advisors.


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*minimum 2 years experience 
24+ hours of Life Changing Education
Certified Liability Advisor

Borrow Smart University™ graduates obtain the Certified Liability Advisor designation after completing over 24 hours of personally and professionally rewarding liability management education.  Key topics include how the House/Mortgage can benefit from: Safety, Liquidity, Return, EPR™, Taxes, Leverage, Diversification strategies.  How to use a 7-Step process to solve for the right:  Products, Payment, Availability, Amount, Management, Protection, and Discipline to accomplish any goal on the 3-sided balance sheet.


You'll learn how to incorporate key financial concepts into a Borrow Smart Client Conversation™, which will be a part of many PPTs and resources you'll receive throughout the course.  You'll learn ways to quickly analyze client liabilities and solve for unique borrowing strategies, tax ramifications of buying, selling and refinancing residential real estate for primary, secondary and investment,  1031 exchanges, and much more.  As a CLA™ graduate you receive content, training, and new concepts that create an unfair advantage in the markets you compete.  You'll learn specifically how to better manage your own personal finances using our unique PIN/FIN system of building wealth.  You'll receive our patented FAST System - Financial Advisory Success Team where you learn how to build an incremental 5-10 referrals a month from 3 specific partners:  insurance agents, tax accountants, and financial advisors.


One enormous benefit of earning your CLA™ - you'll become eligible to be a member of the National Institute of Financial Education -  Selected for a Google Grant Recipient, NIFE allows consumers to connect with you for their liability needs.  You benefit from being part of a nationally accredited non-profit promoting financial literacy to corporations, local businesses, high schools and colleges, and other non-profits.


When you move from selling products, to offering solutions, you open the doors to position yourself as a financial educator.  Borrow Smart University™ provides all you need to put maximum leverage in your time, experience in your process, and build a steady stream of new referral sources that you never imagined possible.  Learn more about what you get!

We have carefully crafted the material into a series of 3 courses that cover everything you'll need + downloadable handouts and reference materials spanning 720+ pages of carefully crafted materials.  The typical class is about an hour and you can stop and start at any time on any mobile device.  Set your own pace.  We've had students complete in as little as two weeks, while most pace themselves at 2-4 hours each week and complete the program in six weeks.  Additionally - many approach the program working in study groups to utilize accountability partners with our practice exercises, scripts and systems.

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While no single conversation is guaranteed to change the trajectory of a career, a company, a relationship, or a life,

any single conversation can.”

– Fierce Conversations: by Susan Scott

Competitive pressures can make referrals harder to find, more difficult to keep, and less profitable when they stay.  BSU builds on a proven platform that distinguishes you and your services based on the value of the advice you provide - not the price that you charge.  It's a 'single conversation' that has time and again changed the trajectory of a loan officer's career.

The unique approach we teach was used to build a $2B mortgage corporation focused on working almost exclusively with financial advisors, insurance agents, and accountants.  You'll learn how to build a stream of purchase and refinance referrals from these three groups as you become a Certified Liability Advisor.

We 100% guarantee that you will not be the same person that begins these classes. If you complete the entire course and don't believe you have truly discovered an edge that differentiates you from your competition, we'll refund your tuition - no questions asked.

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