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House or Home - Sentiment is Key

As we've shared the cycles of real estate are driven by real facts (eligibility) and (suitability) is now the right time to buy...

Eligibility - can I buy? Is impacted by rates, down payment requirements, credit scores, job history and things that are gating factors. I want to, but I can't means I'll have to wait. Buyers who are blocked now by interest rates might want to buy, but they aren't eligible now because of those higher rates.

Suitability - should I buy? Is the function of measuring what's right for a consumer. I may be able to afford the higher payment, but I could have paid less a year ago, so I'll wait. These are two different dynamics and one impacts the other. When eligibility is easier, more people will find now a suitable time to buy, driving inventory down and prices up, and vice versa.

A great survey from John Burns on the current sentiment. These cycles revolve over time, but this shows that the see-saw is tilted toward (bad time) right now for the majority of buyers.

And within this model, eligibility (having more money) shifts your perspective. You can be pickier, take more risk and it moves from the eligibility of being able to buy a house to I'll buy a house if I can find what I want.

Tip: Know your consumer and where they are coming from? When they are buying could be driven by eligibility or suitability - and why they are buying is critical to find more people just like them!

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