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Missing Money

There are so many ways you may be missing money. Missed opportunities are a big one, but there is literally missing money you can find right now!

There is over $50 Billion in unclaimed money in the US. - start here, as this website aggregates all the state unclaimed money websites. Did you know? - If you are paid a refund it will be returned to the state in which the company is located. You could have money in California held in your name because you were refunded by a CA company that input your wrong address, spelled your name wrong, or sent you a check after you moved to a new location. What's your story? One of our members had a friend who found a $250,000 insurance policy that was left to them, and another found $50,000 from an estate settlement they knew nothing about. Let us hear your story?

Want to learn more, go here! The Strategy:

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