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I think we are just starting into a recession - one that could be more lengthy and difficult.

A recipe of two parts low rates (now becoming higher rates) with 1 part (inflation making things cost more) that requires some pain to be paid in the form of tuition - time to pay up. Like if you get up with a hangover and decide today is the day you start working out. It's not an ideal situation, but it is where we are today.

Look below and think about the impact of free cash flow being used for gas, insurance, housing, car payments, and food - and that spending doesn't go into other areas of the economy.

It will work itself out, it always works itself out and long term the needle points up and to the right. Keep your chin up - an old mentor told me 'one day you will laugh at this, but not today', and that has gotten me through some pretty tough times, as he was always right.

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