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Financial Literacy - a curiosity study...

After talking to Dave Savage about financial literacy, I realize I hadn't looked into the recent research in some time, and there is a lot out there. Many are approaching financial literacy from different viewpoints.

An aside: When I am curious, I like to download and read a variety of papers, take notes on aspects that stand out to me, snip images of graphics that share something compelling, and then put it all in a big pile and see what really stands out. From there I organize the information into groups and look for a story of some kind to emerge.

Most of us process information differently and anyone reading the same materials might walk away with a different interpretation.

This presentation is a results of this recent exploration. I learn what I already knew a great deal of this, and I found there were many things I didn't know.

There were a lot of charts and graphs I found interesting that didn't make the final cut, but I've taken each of them with small commentary and placed them here:

Financial literacy KT V1
Download PDF • 1.32MB

TIP: The real key with this (or any information) is how will you transform this information into knowledge. Then how will you transform the knowledge into wisdom. Finally, how will you become different, and in that your ultimate understanding help others live a more fulfilling life in some way.

Also: If you follow the link at the top to Dave Savage you can watch a video of our discussing this presentation.

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