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How Will You ThrAIve in the Future?

Yes, it's a typo, but with all the concern about AI eating our lunch (it can't by the way as far as I can tell)...

McKinsey maps out key skills that will be critical to our future... as Lenders and as humans. I don't agree with many of these, as I have already seen AI do a better job than me at a lot of these, but here are some I think are really critical:

COGNITIVE: (AI could ultimately win much of this category)

Understanding biases - a computer can't see it's own programming or who programmed it.

Relevancy - context clues are key and getting to the deeper human problems we face.

Storytelling - humans love stories told by other humans

Active listening - humans like to be listened to by other humans

INTERPERSONAL: (AI can't win here)

ROLE MODELING - this is how we are wired to learn to watch and model other humans.

Relationships - humans don't want to sit by the fire with robot and a lot of work is simply being with other humans

COACHING/TEACHING/TRAINING - can be done by AI, but it will miss that subtlety that is needed to really know where a person is and what's most needed now.

SELF-LEADERSHIP: (to me this is the CATEGORY where we must focus)

Take everything in this category - AI will make us more human and more robotic, that is up to us to decide how we use it, like any tool can be a weapon.

DIGITAL: (AI is winning and will win this, our brains can't keep up)

We can become more literate - That's why maybe you are reading this just as I am studying it for myself. But you can't take a knife to a gun fight and expect to win - and anything digital is going to be dominated by AI -- that's home court advantage.

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