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Room Temperature Coffee is 'Easy'

Why don't we all drink room temperature coffee? It's really easy, just pour water into a cup, and add your coffee and stir. Easy, minimal effort, and you have coffee.

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Why do we like hot coffee? Hot coffee extracts more flavor, is said to have more health benefits. However you like your coffee, it takes effort to heat something up, but we know there are benefits. We also know when you stop applying that effort, that heat dissipates - the coffee will return to room temperature.

Your room temperature may vary!

I took a wine tasting class in college, and the professor said that red wine in the US should be slightly chilled before drinking? I asked why...I thought red wine should always be at room temperature. He said 'room temperature as we think of it was based on European standards, and the temperature in Europe was cooler than in the US', so 'put the red wine and cool it 5 to 10 degrees before you drink it'... that comment left a mark - room temperature is always relative.

This isn't a physics lesson, but more of a consideration. When you work, and you take the path of least resistance, you are making room temperature coffee, but based on your current room. When you put forth effort at something 'more' you change the dynamics of your current room, your current relative room temperature changes.

My getting better at tennis is going to be something different than Roger Federer getting better at tennis - so instead of comparing myself to others, I'm always putting in the effort to expand my room temperature. That way when I heat something up, it's returning to a NEW normal state that is higher than what it would have been.

Example: You have never called on financial advisors before. Calling on your first financial advisor takes a lot of effort, more effort than you'll spend a year from now calling on 10 financial advisors. That's because it is new to you. You must make an effort, but when you do, you don't return to your prior state, the room is bigger, warmer. Something changes.

Like walking up a ladder, each step requires effort, but you are rewarded with a better view, even if you stop (and you should) to rest and take in the current view.

"The mind that is opened to a new idea, never returns to it's original shape" Albert Einstein

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