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Will Money Make You Happy?

We have a common denominator in what we do with our precious life energy... Realtors, Lenders, Financial Advisors all interact with clients around key aspects of their money. The client exchange their life energy for money. Why is money so important? Because happiness is so important and money is often associated with happiness.

In the book Happy Money by Elizabeth Dunn she explores money and happiness. The book identifies key principles for using money to maximize well-being. Additionally, Dunn examines how social expectations and comparisons can affect happiness and offers helpful tips for applying these ideas in real life.

The book offers insights into the connection between wealth and happiness as well as practical suggestions for readers wishing to alter their spending behaviors in order to enhance their general well-being.

Here are some key learnings from their research:

The 5 biggest ways spending money can make you happier:

1. Buy experiences (not stuff)

2. Make it a treat (don’t overindulge)

3. Buy time (pay up for convenience)

4. Pay now and consumer later (avoid credit card debt)

5. Invest in others (charity, picking up a tab, helping others, etc.)

Have you found this to be true for you?

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