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Doing More with Less - AI for lending and real estate!

When is less more? When you can use less time to provide a greater output. Technology has already been doing this for us, but the benefits still largely benefit the higher income workers in jobs that require specialized skills already that can reduce duplicative tasks or use technology for leverage. AI is critical for lending and real estate... if you aren't sure where to start exploring:

We are globally working fewer hours. This is one reason workers are the 'happiest' in measured studies in history. We can work remotely, we can automate boring tasks and sped time on things that bring us joy.

Productivity is going up, and this is all PRE-AI.

As output goes up our GDP goes up, so that's saying we are making 'more' which stimulates the economy, flow of capital and cash flow, investments and more.

Artists, ad agencies, financial services companies (see: Bloomberg's recent investment in AI) believe that we'll see massive increases in productivity... and so do I. One different however is AI has a greater impact on less trained and skilled workers.

A lender with 20 years experience writing letters to clients can now easily be surpassed by a 20 year old high school grad that is entering the mortgage or real estate business and using AI tools. How will you use AI as a new form of mastery?

This is one of the best commercials I've ever seen, and it was created using AI. Now, that doesn't mean someone said "AI - go do this" - the AI was the new toolkit that very creative people used to create something that was impossible to create previously.

TIP: Your work will change, how you work will change, but just as you could invest extra money to grow to create new wealth... right now I would recommend you invest free time toward understanding how to use these tools as the artist of your trade. You are the artist, the master of your craft, and you have new tools that can unleash possibility for you that didn't exist just a few months ago.

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