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AI Tools for the Real Estate and Lending Industry

Since I get questions about what I use, etc. I'm going to start a directory here of my favorite tools by category. I'll update these weekly on this post, so bookmark it as an easy index or reference. If they are in BOLD I use them weekly, otherwise they are 'point' solutions that might get used quarterly for a specific reason.

Want to see if an AI Tool Exists:

Want to learn more about AI: Top Newsletters on AI

Writing and Speech Tools:

Chat GPT - - the godfather of AI Chat and Writing

Jasper AI - - the lead in the overall AI writing category (prompts)

Notion AI - - writing, overall business productivity platform

Grammarly - - the ultimate daily writing assistant

Quillbot - - helps to rewrite as chrome extension and on the web

Lex - - excellent simple writing tool - based on ChatGPT4

Copy AI - - writing augmentation for emails, blogs, and more

Longshot AI - - AI writing support focused on SEO optimization

Smart Copy AI - - unlimited copy using AI for marketing

Microcopy AI - - writing good headline copy and email subjects

Hemingway - - simplify your writing

Content Ideas AI - - find out what people want to read

Summari - - transforms content into summary links

Eleven Labs - - transforms written word in your own voice

Tugan AI - - topic prompt to create emails you can use for campaigns

Audio Pen - - simple tool that lets you dictate to AI for rewritten notes.

Coqui AI - - build out a cast of voice character to talk out your scripts.

Image and Video Tools:

Dall-E 2 - - the godfather of the image creation universe

Stable Diffusion - - really lovely images – easy to use

MidJourney - the other heavy weight in image creation

LEXICA – - wonderful search for Stable Diffusion creations

VISME - - a full suite of design tools with new AI integration

CANVA – - a full suite of design tools now with integrate AI

Beautiful AI - - designs a PPT for you

Photosonic AI - - AI image generation from a prompt

Photopea - - great easy to use Photo editor

My Heritage - - old pictures into live gifs

Profile Pic Maker - - upgrade your profile pic on LinkedIn

Deep Image AI - - scale up photos to higher quality

Synesthesia - - create avatars that speak your content

Wisecut - - compress long form videos into short summaries

Runway - - suite of tools for images, videos and more

Descript - - suite of tools for video and podcast editing

Kittl - - image mockup, posters, pretty cool AI design tools

Runway - - one platform to manage all your video projects

Munch - - long form videos into shorts with subtitles

Predis AI - - create captivating social media from a simple prompt

Adout Ai - - create social media ads turnkey in a minute

Formwise AI - - create your own marketing tools for clients

Imagecreator - - powerful tool for AI editing of your images

Lucid - - create AI people you can use for media, sites, case studies

Recraft - - create vector images, icons, illustrations

Exemplery - - summarize videos into clips, transcripts, highlights

Productivity Tools:

Parabola – Automate tedious tasks

Avatar AI - - create talking avatars of yourself

Profile Picture AI – – create profile pictures with AI

Browse AI - - complete scrape and data mine a website

Hypoteneuse AI - - AI writing with AI image integration

Fireflies AI – – AI Meeting note taking and transcription of voice

Botify AI - - Creating chats with characters that speak to you

SuperNormal AI - - integrates with calendars for meeting notes

Bardeen AI - - Automate manual tasks, many use cases

Lalal AI - - remove any audio from any video

Landbot - - Chatbot builder for your website

Excalidraw - - Great mindmap generator

Taskade - - team based task management

PDF TOOLS - - become a jedi with your PDFs

Magic Eraser - - remove background from images

OTTER - voice and meeting note taking tool

TOME - AI generated storytelling presentations – Create your own music and soundtracks for your videos - Use AI to convert your text into speech - A complete suite of tools for podcasting engagement - A variety of tools for building reports with citations

CHAT ABC - - ChatGPT for small groups to work together on projects

Bookmark - - build a quick website using AI

Numerous AI - - automate repetitive tasks using AI

Humantic - - analyze prospects using AI and ML to increase sales

ZenTaskAI - - focused on task specific support for knowledge workers

Gamma AI - - a collaboration tool for sites, docs and presentations

Phonic AI - - create surveys that capture audio and video

SpeechText AI - - speech to text recognition by industry type

Fillout AI - - use AI assistance to create fillable forms

Wudpecer IO - - use AI to organize meeting agendas / notes

LandingPage AI - - build a landing page website in minutes

Hubble AI - - build your own AI tools for your clients

Sentient AI - - build sentient AI for your workflows

Chat PDF - - upload a PDF, then chat with it

Redense AI - - build a newsletter from your favorite links

GETInsights - - AI identifies key aspects of a website

ASKPACE AI - - great project management and outline tools

Neural Frames - - create images and short videos from prompts

GITMIND - - AI mind mapping and process mapping tool

PhoneSites - - full commercial website / app creation platform

Recast - - convert blog posts and media into a podcast

UnionX - - copilot for work, helping with research, reports, etc.

MIXO - - quickly develop a landing page for a new idea

Browser Extensions:

Text Blaze - - repetitive typing templates / responses, etc.

RoFocus – background noise and focus – use with Marinara Pomodoro Timer

Forest – Gamifies your focus / calling segments

Weaver Highlighter – Highlight anything and easily save to a folder

SwiftRead – helps you speed read documents

Momentum – zens out your dashboard and gives you a KEY FOCUS for the day

PrintFriendly – – make any web page into a pdf document

Perplexity - - summarize key insights from any web resource

MyMind - - organize all that you see and hear into one place!

Misc. Tools:

SlideBean - - business idea to plan automation

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