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FOGG of WAR (aka Motivating Consumer Behavior)

Sharing an interesting model that could be applied to a client deciding to engage in a mortgage transaction. The idea, is essentially there is a Prompt of some kind, an idea, anything that you want a client to engage.

Let's say the idea (prompt) is to use a reverse mortgage to accomplish a goal.

The GREEN line is the action line and you want to imagine the person moving around this model. If the motivation is high enough the line is easy to cross but only if they have the ability to do it. If the ability is really easy to do, they can easily get past the line, but they have to be motivated to make that happen.

Right now consumers have low motivation to refinance, and low motivation to buy a house, so you have to make it as easy as possible, but you can only make a mortgage transaction easy to a point... most of the effort is in motivation and that comes through education.

Watch a short video:

TIP: One way to think about this is the person and where they start from? If you are talking to a 76 year old senior that doesn't know you, they might start at the bottom left. If you are referred a client that is 76 from a trusted financial advisor that person started much closer to the action line.

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