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Simple Calculators to Answer Complicated Questions

At we are adding back all our old calculators. About 9 years ago we received a $10,000 per month Google Grant for free Google Adword credits... and this gave us a huge opportunity to explore what works without a lot of risk.

Would you spend $910,000 experimenting? We did, but fortunately it was free money for our non-profit ... that said we have learned many things.

I'll share that in running test for years and years with a specialist and trying many keywords and combinations - the pages that always drew the biggest consumer attention were for Calculators. We built 40 of them, focusing on simple single question that a consumer might ask... such that the question might hit any keyword search in the local market for that calculator and bring that consumer to out website.

I encourage you to have a calculator strategy embedded in your SEO... we have 12 up so far, and will be adding a few each week until we get our original full set on the website to again drive more consumer traffic! If you get familiar with them, you'll find them helpful for answering quick questions our client might have. Like: What's my payment? Should I repay my loan?

Here's a simple example:

These quick questions often lead to a full TCA (Total Cost Analysis) but allow you to engage someone early in the process... if they are looking for a simple number.

Tip: Make sure you have some form of calculator on your website to help engage consumer referrals. If you are a Certified Liability Advisor™ that has graduated from our program, know that we are working to package these calculators up for you, and you'll be able to add these calculators to your website. We'll post information on our private group page when they are ready for you... and discuss how you can use them to drive traffic to your local solutions.

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