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Why Rate Discussions Create Tension

In my prior post, we talked about dynamics around interest rate and ways (at a minimum) to move it to a discussion about payment. From there we talked about the broader framework of the first four considerations - Product, Payment, Availability and Amount.

Where is there so much tension around interest rates as a topic?

First, when you are talking with most clients - this is what they hear!

Let's take the rate conversation a little deeper in this video.

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler." Albert Einstein

TIP: The more you learn, the more you are capable of helping others, BUT you must be aware of their ability to understand what you are saying, and what they are really asking. Often people don't know what they really need until you help them understand, and that takes good questions that help steer them to their current boundary of ignorance. Above all else, when the cup is full, stop pouring!

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