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A Financial Advisor Walked Into a Bar

If you like to nerd out some times - check out Google Trends: where you can see what's trending and search to see how others are searching.

Let's explore an example of a growing search of '401k down'

Employees often received their investment statements quarterly - and they don't think about (obsess) about their finances. Notice the spike of interest in this after March... why? *Note this is a reason you send invitations to financial events in April, July, October, and January as this is when they are likely thinking about 'finance stuff'.

You heard the market wasn't doing so well - that's like hearing about your neighbor that lost their job. When you lose your job there's a different level of engagement. You receive your end of quarter statement. Your savings dropping 20% or more = you start wondering - what's going on?

This is an opportunity - and notice they are also searching for 'inflation, financial adviser, trust, insurance and recession' as key additional searches around those words... this tells me they are looking for advice, confidence from experience to know who and what to trust.

Are you ready to provide guidance, and be a beacon of financial light?

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