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Are You Watching Others Change?

Am I the one who is changing, or do I find myself watching others change? Change is hard, and one of my favorite definitions of a miracle is anyone doing something they hadn't previously done before. Think about that for a moment. How many truly spontaneous moments do you have in a day? A moment where you say something you've never said before to a prospect or client, you take a left at a street where you always take a right, or you reconsider who you are and what you do for others in your career?

Labels are powerful, calling yourself anything either limits you or expands you. Call yourself a mother and you've limited yourself into a role humans play. Call yourself an educator and you've expanded the role a salesperson plays. We are always using labels in our mind to define ourselves, and the challenge then becomes breaking out of the bondage that label creates.

Think of each breath you take, every move you make, every bond you break, every step you take (borrowed from The Police), but you get the idea... every moment you are recreating your image, either expanding it, or limiting it. If you want to know what your life will be like in a year, five years, twenty years + for those of us playing the long game - simply ask yourself what are you doing today that is different from yesterday? What one small thing am I being exposed to 'today' that is helping me upgrade the label I use for myself?

I love this video, it is palpable how a small moment of touching a single block leads to a bigger and bigger expanding. Something was built and then something is destroyed.

The reality is that all change starts this way. It doesn't have to be a big act, those typically exhaust you anyway or scare you from really engaging. You are far better off doing something small you've never done before, and keep doing those somethings every day, as a small act builds momentum you'll start seeing the miracles (the little things that you do that you didn't do before start adding up). They compound over time.

I'll ask again: Am I the one who is changing, or do I find myself watching others change?

If you can't change, you have a strong opinion you wont let go of. This is me, this is who I am. I don't do that. I do this. Others can do that but not me. I don't understand that. This is what I do.

Challenge yourself - but don't start trying to eat the whole can of Pringles... maybe today you open the can. Tomorrow you eat a Pringle. Then watch the whole can disappear.

That's what I'm hoping to do with our page here: - add one image or idea a day that in your reading it you know a little something you didn't know, that builds your confidence, or encourages you in some way to recognize your own potential for change. Especially if you keep finding yourself watching others change.

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