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Destroying Your Desire to Buy, Buy, Buy

What do you do if you are the FED and you want to lower inflation... you have to get people to stop buying so much stuff.

Option 1: Watch the 'Story of Stuff' and see if that helps change your mind? The FED didn't try this yet.

Option 2: Raise rates so everything is more expensive, including borrowing. Then the stock market goes down and we all feel poorer and maybe we stop our spending.

How much poorer? We've lost over $15T in wealth (almost twice) what was lost in 2008 financial crisis. Why so much more? We were at a much higher point as those 'Trillions' that have been lost (like what couch could hold all that lost money) were part of the Trillions that has been printed.

As with all things, it is all relative. We've only seen a 20% decline, not the 50% in 2008... buckle up and remember the Market is always right - align with it as best you can.

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