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How Can You Add More Value to Advisors

Advisors are always looking for ways to add value to their clients - but how do you add more value to financial advisors? Here are 101 ways the advisor can add value... and I'll suggest strongly that you can help with the majority of these 101 ways , not just the 10 under Debt Management.

1) Look at ways financial advisors add value: (source - Kitces Financial)

2) Notice 'Debt Management' - most advisors don't even think about this - but items 16-25 are the low hanging fruit for a conversation that any liability advisor can start with a financial advisor. This is the 'obvious part where your value and their value overlaps'.

3) The real incremental value comes in helping them understand that you can help in other areas of their overall planning process.

Cash Flow Management - debt is the largest single expenses for their clients - you can have a huge impact on helping to reduce that cost.

Education Planning - house equity is one of the #1 sources of college funding and for continuing education for advanced degrees.

Insurance Planning - they mention home owners insurance, but life insurance is all about cash flow now or in the future. Insurance is often sold to protect the ability for the family to stay in the house should something happen to a key breadwinner.

Investment Planning - this mentions rental properties, and asset allocation. The house is often the largest asset, and it needs to be manage as well - but most of these strategies have an asset and investment equivalent related to house wealth and planning for retirement.

Tax, Retirement, Estate Planning - all are central to protecting the house as that is where we live our lives. It funnels right into the version reason why anyone would care 'Psychology' of Financial Planning. Our family, our lives are lived in a house - so why would any advisor when properly educated not see how a partnership with a lender is one of the most important relationships they can have.

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