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Lion of Lyin?

The worst thing we can do to ourselves is start lyin' to ourselves. There is a big difference between a Lion and Lyin'. We could say both the pictures are lions, and that would be true. However, if I met one in the wild, I'd feel quite different about it. I can admire both equally, yet they are clearly not the same.

I hate it when I lie to myself... and it can be so subtle at times - it's often very hard to realize you are doing it as no one can con you better than you. As in the pictures of two lions - the reality of being brutally honest with yourself, versus lyin' to yourself is something we need to be able to discover for ourselves directly, but someone who knows you well is often a great reflection for this.

There's always almost always something that I'm not being honest about with myself, but often I don't see it until it is reflected back to me in a conversation or through another person, coach, mentor, spouse.

Most of the time I find I'm using a palliative or hopium to avoid feeling the reality of the simple fact that I don't know the answer to what's next, and never have? I always know the answer to what's now... as that is the ever present fact of this moment as it is being presented now. It's happening now so there's really nothing to debate. Debate is always about what happened or what's going to happen. Now is just now.

I can't count on what might happen to actually happen, and I can't change what's already happened. What is now always offers unbiased clarity.

Is there something you aren't being truthful about with yourself right now?

Write it down.

Ask yourself: What is the lie preventing you from feeling/experiencing?

Feel it and see if you survive (hint: you always do...)

Now, accepting that I discovered a lyin' - how do I become a lion?

What act in this moment would be truly courageous?

Act from that place without fear - make that call, talk to that person, ask that question - and see if you survive (hint: you might sprout wings).

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