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Same Storm - Different Boats

Illustration: Barbara Kelley

There's an old saying 'we are in the same boat' and it means we are in the same situation. Damian Barr wrote a poem about COVID that sums up where we are for many of us - loan officers today.

"We are in the same storm, but not in the same boat." Damian Barr

The same storm - higher interest rates, low inventory, corporate stress, employee stress, systems and processes breaking down, low confidence for consumers, volatility, etc.

Not the same boat - different capabilities, capacities, experience, mentors, resources, financial reserves, grit, tenacity, etc.

There is something that was left out here - the captain of the boat. The storm is the constant, it is the fact of now. It will blow over as all storms do, and there will be a new storm in our future. It's an event and our lives will be full of such events. How you steer your boat as the captain, and the boat itself, will have a big impact on how you weather this storm now and future storms that cross your path.

There is another list I keep seeing on the internet. 10 things that don't require talent. Talent is confusing, for some they believe that talented people don't have to do things they do (assuming they believe they are less talented). Talent is a gift, but what can you do to weather this storm now that doesn't require talent?

Here's the list with a few questions to consider that might bring the list alive for you.

  1. Be on time. (where is my sense of urgency?)

  2. Work ethic. (haven't the results always come in time?)

  3. Effort. (what work is in front of you now?)

  4. Body Language. (how do you smile internally?)

  5. Energy. (what gives you energy as your work?)

  6. Attitude. (what is working now?)

  7. Passion. (what is it you love about living?)

  8. Being coachable. (who am I learning from now that inspires/scares me?)

  9. Doing extra. (what is one extra thing I can do today to grow personally?)

  10. Being prepared. (how can I prepare any time I want to panic?

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I like numbers 4 and 8. Number 10 is also worth some mental time. Great post - timely and helpful.

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