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Saving Early and Being Consistent => Wealth

There are many simple things that are easy to remember that can help you teach others about powerful financial concepts. We've shared many in this blog and here's an old one but one that really stood out to me when I first saw it. it isn't easy to remember, so I've provided a link to the original excel sheet below.

How much do you need to save for retirement? The National Savings Rate Guidelines for Individuals...

Watch this video and I'll share with you how this idea works to solve for the current % of your income you need to be saving based on your current age. This is not 'THE' solution, it's just one more thing you can use to cross check your own planning objectives for the future.

National Savings Rate Guidelines
Download XLSX • 75KB

TIP: Use this to show how dramatically the percentages go up as you wait till later in life to start saving. It's not about guilt or blame, but about creating awareness.

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