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The Housing Price Gap

How does this gap get filled? When housing prices rise as quickly as they have over the last 15 years a huge part of the market gets left behind. Large hedge funds are raising record capital to buy real estate as quickly as they can to create 'perpetual renters' as an asset class.

I believe you'll see a great deal more of this:

At a federal level, we may see aggressive stipends in the future to make housing affordable. The boomers are living longer, and they've paid off their houses so don't have the pressure to sell in a market downturn... keeping a floor under housing prices.

Either way, we all know many young people that don't feel like they can afford to buy a house as their income isn't growing fast enough to catch up... and it isn't as profitable to build affordable housing.

We'll need more financial education, but also encouragement and possible new programs that allow parents to bridge equity from their real estate to their children as an 'advance' on their inheritance - it will take some real creativity...

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