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The Interwhat?

What's it really feel like to be presented with a new concept?

Let's listen to a panel of experts that have no place (mentally) to put something new.

Any time we are presented with a new idea, understand what's happening. At a simple level most thinking is actually not thinking it is remembering. You remember something that has happened before because it is a pattern. Remembering is faster and takes less energy than thinking. Instances of something happening over and over again become a pattern called a belief.

When you hear something that is totally new to you in, that doesn't fit within your paradigm of prior experiencing (aka no memory of it) you then have to THINK. Know that over time all thinking is also solidified into patterns so that you can simply remember them in the future to avoid thinking (which saves you energy). For that reason it is rare that a one time experiencing is going to rock your world, especially if it's in opposition to what you believe to be true. It takes many times, many repetitions to form a new pattern (habit).

This is literally happening every moment in your life. there are things you are seeing, that aren't there - they are seen because of a pattern of expectation. There are also things that are there that you aren't seeing because you don't expect to see them.

Much of this is governed by your RAS (Reticular Activating System). The RAS acts as a gateway to keep life simple enough for you so you don't lose your mind (literally). The problem is that it can become incredibly limiting. There is no place or folder for your mind when someone shouts 'the world is round' if your pattern of perceiving has been constantly focused on the world being flat. It takes time, repetition, and eventually that thought takes hold.

Definition of the Reticular Activating System (RAS): When you have a thought you begin to see it – gather support for it - the greater the clarity of the idea the easier it is to see, and the emotion of seeing it increases the speed at which you see it operating in your life. The speed at which this becomes your new way you operate.

TIP: What in your life is right in front of you, but you can't see it because of memory, a prior pattern that is there for you so quickly you can't think for yourself. The Interwhat? It's commonplace now, but at the time there was no place for it. What else is presenting itself to you now?

I've got an idea, try something new and become a CLA. There's a reason the course is over 30 hours - it takes repetition and time to reprogram you that there is something out there for you that is beyond what you know. Want a challenge that pays you back? Invest in yourself knowing that you'll come out the other end thinking different about what you do as a service to others.

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